What is Aid for Trade?

In 2006, the WTO defined Aid for Trade as “activities identified as trade-related development priorities in the recipient country’s national development strategies”. Read more

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African Researchers to Undertake second phase of Global Trade Analysis Training

The African Trade Policy Centre (ATPC) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in collaboration with the World Bank is sponsoring the 2011 African short course in Global Trade Analysis for African researchers. Read more

Rural Moroccans Set to Gain from UN-Backed Anti-Poverty Project

Rural Moroccans are expected to benefit from a new scheme worth nearly U.S. $40 million that aims to boost the production of olives, almonds, honey and red meat. Read more

UN Secretary-General Stresses the Importance of Trade, Diversification and Agriculture at General Assembly Debate on Investment in Least Developed Countries.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon makes remarks to the General Assembly Informal Thematic Debate on “Investment in and financing of productive capacities of least developed countries”. Read more

Special high-level meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council -ECOSOC with the Bretton Woods Institutions, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Among other informal thematic areas, the meeting had as a main objective, providing: “Financial support for development efforts of Least Developed Countries: development finance, including innovative mechanisms, aid for trade and debt relief”. Read more

Aid for Trade Meeting held in the Caribbean to discuss facilitating development through trade in the Caribbean

Member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) gathered on 25-27 January 2011 in Barbados to assess how Aid for Trade (AFT) can facilitate the development of the small vulnerable economies of CARICOM. Read more

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Previous Events

3rd Global review meeting

This meeting is aimed at evaluating the trade related development assistance to boost poor countries’ ability and capability to participate in international trade.

OECD “Experts Workshop on Aid for Trade Implementation”

The workshop will focus on sequencing policy reform and making policies complementary to trade reform in order to help developing countries to turn opportunities into trade flows.

ECOWAS Aid-for-Trade working group meeting

Working group meeting of ECOWAS Commission and member states to prepare their contribution towards the 3rd Global review meeting by July 2011.

ECOWAS Aid for Trade review meeting, Abuja 27–28 Jan 2010

The meeting brought together ECOWAS Trade Ministers and Development Partners to review experience in the implementation of a number of Aid for Trade related programmes/ projects, examine the outlook for donor funding for bankable projects in anticipation of future donor round tables, and strengthen partnerships for effective implementation.

  1. Global and Regional Outlook on Aid for Trade
  2. From Theory into Practice
  3. Regional Implementation Experiences
  4. Mainstreaming Trade into Development Strategies
  5. The Role of the Private Sector
  6. Monitoring the Effectiveness of Aid for Trade
  7. Statements
  8. Way Forward