Aid-for-Trade Commitments to rise to US$41.7 billion in 2008

In a workshop organized at the W T O secretariat, the main message was that Aid-for-Trade is an integral part of the development finance architecture, and was of even greater importance during the period of economic recovery. Read more

AFRICA Calls on WTO members to maintain Aid-for-Trade momentum

At the committee on Trade and Development’s 14th session on Aid-for-Trade, African countries called on W T O members to maintain the momentum on resource mobilization for Aid-for-Trade. Read more

ECOWAS Ranks Sierra Leone First For Mainstreaming Aid for Trade into National Development Agenda.

The Executive Secretariat for Aid for Trade in Geneva praises Sierra Leone for, among other actions, putting up visible comparable structures and at the same time undertaking discernible modern reforms to improve its investment climate. Read more

‘Aid-for-Trade can help West Africa recover from global recession’, Rugwabiza

At ECOWAS Aid-for-Trade review in Abuja, Nigeria, WTO Deputy Director General Valentine Rugwabiza called on West African Countries to establish the right policy environment to facilitate trade as it has an important role to play in the region’s competitiveness. Read more