Case Stories

A wide range of AfT-related activities have been carried out at the national and regional level in West Africa. Of those, some can be regarded as AfT best practice case stories due to their high quality design and implementation. They can serve as source of inspiration from which policy-makers and aid practitioners might gain valuable experience for increasing the effectiveness of AfT.


The EXPECT (Exports Promotion & Enterprise Competitiveness for Trade) initiative presents the success story of the initiative that was designed to develop and promote high export potential value chains. This is achieved by engaging donors, finance institutions, private and public sector actors to empower SMEs operating in value chains with lead products of high export potential, thereby enabling them to perform on regional and global markets.

MALI: “Support to the mango export sector”

The case story highlight’s the IF’s support to Mali’s mango export industry through certain self-reinforcing and complementary projects to boost the industry in general

SIERRA LEONE: “Support to Cash Crop (Cocoa and Coffee) Production in the districts of Kenema, Kono and Kailhun in Sierra Leone”

Sierra Leone’s “Agenda for Change” is the country’s national strategic planning document for national and internal support. The case story spells out four catalysts for change in the coca and coffee production industries, which have been effected through benefiting from Aid for Trade and strategic sectors of intervention that will have an impact on trade liberalization, increases production and quality standards improvement.

LIBERIA: “Needs Assessment & Strategy for the development of Liberia’s SPS System.”

The case story focuses on a grant from the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) of the WTO. In pursuance of Accession to the WTO and recognizing the need to assess and strengthen its food safety, and animal & plant health system, the Government of Liberia requested assistance through the (STDF). Support was provided and a Needs Assessment and Strategy for the development of Liberia’s Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) system was produced along with a proposal for funding through the EIF Tier 2 Window.